Amazing Success Stories

“Irina was great! She is super helpful, patient and a true professional. It took us long to make a decision and we are so thankful that Irina was with us the entire time. I will recommend her to anyone needing a realtor help.”

“When we decided to sell our home in Maryland, we knew it wouldn't be just another transaction. We've had previous buying and selling experience that was nightmarish. Finding the right person to guide us through selling and buying simultaneously was of utmost priority. Enter Irina Norrell. From the start, her approach was different—thoughtful, strategic, and with a keen eye on what we needed. Irina presented options we hadn't considered. Selling 'as is' on the Private Exclusive portal was a game-changer. It meant we could avoid renovations and still attract serious offers. And when it came to buying our new home, her expertise shone again. She navigated the VA loan complexities by connecting us with a lender who was just as committed as she was. The result? Our home sold quickly and for more than we expected. We didn’t have to juggle two mortgages even for one month, which we were prepared for. And we purchased our new home with terms that worked for us. Irina's diligence made the process smoother than we dared to hope. Even with the usual hiccups, she was always one step ahead. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Thank you, Irina, for exceeding our expectations and making us feel like family.”

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Irina on a unique transaction and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. As a seasoned mortgage lender, I've worked with numerous real estate professionals over the years, and Irina truly stands out. Irina demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market. Her knowledge of neighborhood trends, property values, and market conditions played a crucial role in ensuring that the home purchase was not only a sound investment for the buyer but also aligned with the lender's requirements. More importantly she utilized her resources to help her clients obtain a specialize financing scenario. This level of work ethic is invaluable and greatly contributed to the success of the transaction. From a lender's perspective, the efficiency and organization displayed by Irina were truly commendable. She was meticulous in providing all necessary documentation promptly, ensuring a smooth underwriting process. This attention to detail especially on a new construction property significantly contributed to the timely closing of the loan and enhancing the overall experience for both the buyer and the lending team. Working with Irina was a pleasure, and I recommend her services to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, communicative, and proactive real estate professional.”

“Am lucrat cu Irina sa gasim o locuință în Maryland și am avut experiență extrem de plăcută. O recomand pe Irina, ea a dat dovada de mult profesionalism, promtitudine si dedicatie. A inteles preferințele noastre de la inceput si a asigurat ca gasim o locuinta care ni se potriveste. A răspuns prompt la toate întrebările noastre și ne-a ajutat să înțelegem si negociem fiecare la pas din proces. A fost a colaborare buna, si ea a fost eficienta in rezolvarea problemelor de la prima vizionare pana la sfarsitul trazactiei.”

“Looking for a real estate advice? Here's a tip: Stop internetting; 📱 Call Irina Norrell NOW. She is an outstanding realtor who excels in every respect. Her expertise, exceptional communication, integrity, negotiation skills, and unwavering focus on my needs made selling my home *way* more hassle-free than I had expected. Thanks again.”

“Irina was the ultimate knowledge guide, advocate and support throughout the entire home search and purchase process. It took me a year to find the right place - in the right location, budget, have the features I was looking for. In the end we found the perfect place. I will be recommending Irina to everyone I know looking to buy a home in DC, Maryland or Virginia. Her professional manner, knowledge and advice was second to none. Truly grateful for all she did to help me and my family navigate what could have been a terribly nerve wracking process for a first home buyer but instead was really memorable!”

“Irina is a true gem of a realtor, and I feel incredibly lucky we found her. Not only is she incredibly easy to talk to and get along with, but her straightforward, clearheaded way of giving her opinions and advice was incredibly valuable. She is very familiar with the DC area, and when we had questions she couldn't answer immediately, she worked double time to track down the answers for us. Finally, her negotiating skills are top notch. If you want someone who can cut through the morass that is the current housing market, you will not be disappointed with Irina!”

“Irina has been a pleasure to work with! She is very responsive, patient, and knowledgable. She takes the time to understand the needs of who she is serving and I could not be happier to have the opportunity to work together!”

“We recently sold our house in Silver Spring with Irina's help, and can't say enough about how wonderful she is to work with! She does her homework, knows the market well, has rockstar real estate instincts, is a wonderful communicator - very responsive to emails and phone calls, has a very calm and friendly demeanor, and went above and beyond to help out as we prepped the house (she even picked up a large shrub for us at a local nursery!!). What can I say, Irina is the best! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the DMV.”

“When we started to look for a home in Georgetown, DC, we did not know any real estate agent in the area and were connected to Irina by chance. It is hard to believe but the stars were aligned perfectly for us: Irina is not only an experienced and extremely knowledgeable realtor but also goes the extra mile, is efficient, works long hours and is a pleasure to work with. Irina arranged for us to see our dream home and put us on a successful path to get the home in a competitive scenario. From start to finish, we were in the best hands possible with Irina. Plus, she is a delightful and smart business woman. If we have future real estate needs, Irina will be our person.”