Amazing Success Stories

“Irina is a true gem of a realtor, and I feel incredibly lucky we found her. Not only is she incredibly easy to talk to and get along with, but her straightforward, clearheaded way of giving her opinions and advice was incredibly valuable. She is very familiar with the DC area, and when we had questions she couldn't answer immediately, she worked double time to track down the answers for us. Finally, her negotiating skills are top notch. If you want someone who can cut through the morass that is the current housing market, you will not be disappointed with Irina!”

“Irina has been a pleasure to work with! She is very responsive, patient, and knowledgable. She takes the time to understand the needs of who she is serving and I could not be happier to have the opportunity to work together!”

“We recently sold our house in Silver Spring with Irina's help, and can't say enough about how wonderful she is to work with! She does her homework, knows the market well, has rockstar real estate instincts, is a wonderful communicator - very responsive to emails and phone calls, has a very calm and friendly demeanor, and went above and beyond to help out as we prepped the house (she even picked up a large shrub for us at a local nursery!!). What can I say, Irina is the best! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the DMV.”

“When we started to look for a home in Georgetown, DC, we did not know any real estate agent in the area and were connected to Irina by chance. It is hard to believe but the stars were aligned perfectly for us: Irina is not only an experienced and extremely knowledgeable realtor but also goes the extra mile, is efficient, works long hours and is a pleasure to work with. Irina arranged for us to see our dream home and put us on a successful path to get the home in a competitive scenario. From start to finish, we were in the best hands possible with Irina. Plus, she is a delightful and smart business woman. If we have future real estate needs, Irina will be our person.”

“Irina was fantastic to work with on a recent closing that I had the pleasure of working with her on. She was excellent at communicating all pertinent details to her client and to me as the title company representative, and was extremely nice and pleasant to work with. She was definitely on top of her game, which is so important and appreciated! I hope to do more work with Irina in the future and recommend her warmly to anyone looking to purchase or sell in the DMV area.”

“Хочу поблагодарить Ирину за профессионализм и человеческую доброжелательность. Аренда квартиры, уже не в первый раз, прошла на высоком уровне, с прекрасным результатом! Поиск, оформление, просмотры - все было организовано четко, быстро, во время. Могу рекомендовать как прекрасного специалиста и отличного человека.”

“I'm very happy to recommend Irina. She helped and guided me through every step of the process, and I needed that given that I was moving from a house I had occupied for 40 years! She is clear-headed and manages to combine empathy with real business sense. She is a lovely, engaged realtor, and I would certainly work with her again.”

“Irina was an amazing agent. After a poor experience with our first agent, we were lucky to have Irina recommended to us. She not only guided us through the process of buying as new home as first time buyers, she also helped us though a lot of unique situations in the closing process. Irina was always positive and professional despite our many set backs and helped us get thorough every single one of them. I highly recommend Irina.”

“We feel so lucky to have met and found Irina as our realtor! We were looking for someone who was very organized, a clear communicator, and who really cared about supporting us through the entire process and answer all of our questions. We got more than we expected with Irina 🙂 We loved that she established expectations and roles+responsibilities with us early on. We felt like we were able to very quickly align on what mattered most to us. She did not pressure us at all in terms of timing and was always very responsive. Buying a home nowadays also requires a strategy and she was a great partner in helping us "win" our home without blindly dumping money. We are still amazed that we got our home on our first try in this real estate market and at a very fair rate. Irina will really be your partner and program manager through the process which for us helped relieve a lot of potential stress. She has also built up a network of high quality recommended people for lending and repairs which was also beyond what we expected. Thank you for all of your support, Irina!”

“We are the first home buyers. Irina conducted with us not only a search, but along the way explained how the mortgage system works and what points such newcomers like us should pay attention to. Thanks to Irina's sensitive attitude towards us, the process went smoothly for us and we are now the owners of a beautiful townhouse! 😃👍🏼 Irina, good deals and grateful clients! Cheers!”