Selling Your Home? A Skilled Real Estate Agent Can Maximize Your Profit.

During these turbulent times in real estate, it is more important than ever to find a skilled real estate agent who can maximize your profit when selling your home.  And when it comes to selling a home, not all real estate agents or companies are created equal. There are significant differences in how agents market homes, their understanding of buyer tendencies, pricing strategies, experience with staging and preparation, negotiation techniques, reputation in the real estate community, and how they handle unforeseen difficulties during the transaction. Selecting the wrong agent can lead to lost dollars and unnecessary stress. Therefore, it is crucial to take the time to research and evaluate agents and their results before listing your home.

I view the process of selling your home as a systematic project rather than simply listing it on the MLS and hoping for the best. I have a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize the sale price, minimize time on the market, and reduce any potential headaches. Let’s explore some of the offerings our team provides.

  1. Free seller consultation with full home value estimate and marketing strategy:

    I will give you a realistic idea of your home’s market value and recommend an appropriate listing price. My opinion is based on comparable sold properties, market knowledge, and my experience. Additionally, I also offer a free home value estimate.

  2. Complimentary Home Staging Consultation:

    Preparing your home for sale is crucial. Part of my services is a complimentary home staging consultation, which will provide detailed recommendations for enhancing its appeal. I aim to present your property in the best possible light to attract potential buyers.

  3. Custom Home Measurement and Floor Plan:

    For most properties, we professionally measure and create accurate floor plans. This not only ensures that the depicted square footage is correct but also provides buyers with a clear layout and visual representation of the property.

  4. Professional Photography and Drone Photography (when applicable, DC proper has restrictions on drone usage):

    According to NAR, 97% of buyers start looking for properties online. So, high-quality visuals are of utmost importance. I work with professional photographers who use top-notch equipment, lighting techniques, and editing skills to capture your home’s best features. Additionally, when possible, I do drone photography to provide aerial shots that showcase unique aspects of your property.

  5. Magazine-Quality Home Brochures (Print Marketing, when appropriate):

    My marketing team and I make your home stand out. We create visually appealing brochures with essential details and images. This allows potential buyers to recall and remember your home among the many others easily they may have viewed.

  6. Full Motion Virtual Tour and YouTube Video:

    For select properties, we utilize videographers to create immersive virtual tours or videos. This added touch can enhance the online visibility of your home and attract interested buyers.

  7. Social Media Marketing/Digital Advertising:

    In addition to traditional advertising methods, I employ targeted digital marketing on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. By placing ads in front of potential buyers and homeowners within a specific radius of your property, nationally and internationally, when appropriate, we generate buzz and increase exposure. This strategy helps to sell your home quickly and potentially at a higher price.

  8. Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

    We ensure your home is listed on the local MLS, the primary database of real estate listings in our market. This ensures maximum exposure as the listing automatically appears on various regional and national websites.

  9. Syndication across Zillow,, Trulia, and National Portals:

    To reach a broader audience, we syndicate your home listing across popular national portals such as Zillow,, and Trulia. Your property gets wider visibility among potential homebuyers who frequent these sites.

  10. Single Property Website:

    We create individual websites for each property I list that showcase the unique features of your home and its neighborhood. These websites serve as a centralized platform for professional photos, videos, and detailed information.

  11. Eye-Catching For Sale Sign:

    A vibrant and distinctive “For Sale” sign is still an effective advertising tool. My signs are classic and elegant and represent my service quality. I pay attention to every detail, including my unique real estate sign panels and white posts.

  12. Central Showing Service and Electronic Lockbox:

    To facilitate home showings, I use a centralized showing service called “Showing Time.” Buyer agents can easily request appointments through this service, providing convenience and efficient tracking of showings. Additionally, I utilize electronic lockboxes that offer a safe and professional means of entry.

  13. Contract Negotiations:

    During contract negotiations, I prioritize analyzing the price and key terms and conditions while also ensuring that the seller fully understands the implications of the buyer’s offer. I possess the skill and reputation to handle various negotiations, including appraisal, due diligence, earnest money, closing costs, and multiple offers. My goal is to secure the best deal for you.

  14. Transaction Management:

    My transaction team and I provide comprehensive transaction management, guiding you through every step of the selling process. We help you understand documents, terminologies, and available options, ensuring you are informed and confident throughout the transaction.


Selling your home is a significant financial decision, and choosing the right real estate agent can make a substantial difference in the outcome. My team and I offer a wide range of services, from expert market analysis to professional marketing strategies, to ensure your home sells for the highest price, in the shortest time, with the least amount of stress.