Why some DC zip codes sell for more than the asking price? 🤯

Did you ever think you’d see again a home sell for $200,00 – 400,000 above its list price? 😲 Well, that’s exactly what has been happening recently in a few zip codes in Washington DC. It’s like a modern-day gold rush all over again! The real estate market in the upper NW DC zip codes of 20015 and 20016 has become a battleground for homebuyers. Despite the doubling of interest rates over the past year, these areas are witnessing intense competition, with buyers going to great lengths to secure their dream homes. In this blog post, we explore why these two zip codes remain as competitive as ever, driven by a combination of high demand, limited supply, and the reluctance of homeowners to give up their ultra-low interest rates.

Unprecedented Demand and Limited Supply:

Even in the midst of a pandemic, single-family homes in zip codes 20015 and 20016 have been in high demand. While mortgage rates have increased, there are still numerous buyers vying for the limited inventory available and it is all due to the constrained supply and high demand that has created a fiercely competitive market for these upscale neighborhoods. Many realtors report well over a hundred people come through in the first weekend and houses sell for cash and with no contingencies… sigh… here we go again…

The “Golden Handcuffs” Effect:

A significant factor contributing to the scarcity of homes for sale is the reluctance of homeowners to relinquish their ultra-low interest rates. According to Redfin, a staggering 62% of mortgage borrowers had rates below 4% by the end of 2022, and 82% had rates below 5%. These enticing interest rates have resulted in fewer homes being listed for sale, further intensifying the competition among buyers.

Buying in a Blink:

With a dwindling supply and eager buyers, homes in Chevy Chase, DC that are reasonably updated and priced correctly, typically sell in less than a week, sometimes within a matter of days, attracting multiple offers.

Off-Market Sales:

The scarcity of homes for sale is exacerbated by the increasing number of properties being sold off-market. Buyers and agents are resorting to various means, such as checking listservs, brokerage pipelines, and making phone calls, to discover properties that have not yet officially hit the market. This trend allows sellers to negotiate ideal terms and obtain top dollar, as buyers strive to avoid fierce competition.

Future Outlook:

The dynamic for Chevy Chase DC is unlikely to shift in the buyer’s favor anytime soon. At least for this year supply shortage will persist, given the significant demand and the ongoing preference of homeowners for low-interest rates. The relentless competition is expected to endure, making it essential for buyers to act quickly and strategically to secure their desired properties.


The upper NW DC zip codes of 20015 and 20016 have become hotbeds of intense competition in the real estate market. The combination of high demand, limited supply, and homeowners clinging to ultra-low interest rates has created a seller’s market on steroids. As buyers flock to open houses and properties sell at lightning speed, securing a home in these zip codes has become a daunting challenge. The future remains uncertain, but for now, the battle for real estate supremacy in these neighborhoods shows no signs of abating.