Downsizing: 16 Practical Tips for an Easier Move


Has the thought of downsizing been persistently popping up on your mental radar? Are you pondering a move from your large house to a closer-knit apartment, condo, or even a more compact house? Although that’s a sizeable decision you’re contemplating, it’s definitely doable with a bit of planning.  Here are 16 tips that will help you set up your smaller living space more easily.

Reflect on Your Desire to Downsize

People choose to downsize for diverse reasons. It could be retirement, a longing for minimalist living, a smart saving strategy, a move to a new city, or perhaps adjusting to a quieter house after your children have launched their university eras. No matter your motivation, it’s perfectly okay to feel the magnitude of this step. It could look daunting initially, especially when some loved possessions might not fit into your new space. But remembering your ‘why’, could make this change feel lighter, don’t you think?

Focus on the Potential Benefits

Remembering the positive impacts of downsizing can inspire a fresh perspective on living in a smaller space. Your decision could pave the way to a debt-free life, open opportunities to travel more or build your future savings. Perhaps now there will be less time for home chores and more for your hobbies and passions. The new space you’re moving to could open a world of possibilities.

Design your Budget

A smaller home could mean smaller bills. You might save on mortgage repayments, property taxes, insurance, and utilities. Evaluating your living expenses allows you to identify where you’ve got room for financial maneuvers and savings. Can you start to see how to allocate these savings from downsizing?

Prepare for Possible Challenges

Being practical about potential hitches along the downsizing journey is just as important as staying positive. Did you know that we sometimes spend more on new items, hoping to recoup these costs with future savings? Sometimes we might struggle to decide what belongings to part with – it’s tough. Preparing from the start for these considerations could smoothen your journey.

Start with a Clean Slate

Before moving into your newer, smaller space, decluttering is key. Deciding what to keep, donate or toss out can seem overwhelming, but methods like the Four-Box Approach or the KonMari Technique can guide this process. Are you beginning to feel organized and ready for efficient living in your new space?

Embrace Minimalism

Have you considered adopting minimalist principles during the downsizing process? It helps identify your truly valuable belongings and those which might be clouding your path ahead. Embracing these minimalist ways could bring a sense of renewed excitement and anticipation in organizing your new home. A well-organized living space awaits as you confidently apply these principles and create a harmonious atmosphere, combining simplicity and practicality for a more enjoyable day-to-day life.

Measure the Space

Starting this journey, one of the primary steps should be getting the measurements of your new space – a vital detail that could save you some serious headaches.

Take Pictures

You know, capturing photographs of your current home setup before the move can turn out to be quite beneficial. Your new home might have its own unique layout, but those images could breathe life into fresh ideas and remind you of the harmony within your previous setup. Imagine having a visual guide to refer to while you’re settling into your new place, taking the guesswork out of arranging your belongings. How does that sound for creating a seamless transition to your new home?

Prioritize Multi-purpose Furniture

A smaller space naturally calls for space-savvy solutions. Consider furniture that does double duty. Ever thought of wall desks, coffee tables with storage, or drop-leaf dining tables? Those become your best friends when space is a premium.

Tackle Big Decisions First

Furnishing your new space is like a puzzle; it’s easier to place the large pieces first and then fill in the rest. Decisions about large items like furniture and appliances come first, setting the stage for planning out the rest of your items.

Contemplate Self-Storage Space

Renting a storage unit could be a practical solution if you’re hesitant to let go of certain belongings. Consider it as your personal, temporary holding zone, allowing you some breathing space to make comfortable decisions about the items you’re unsure of.

Ditch the Duplicates

One straightforward way to pare down your belongings is by identifying and eliminating duplicate items. Do you have an assortment of dishes, ample wall art, or other items in multiples? Prioritize your favorites and plan for the others – after all, you’ll be working with a more limited space now.

Sort Sentimental Items

Navigating through sentimental objects may require a bit more time and patience. Categorizing the items you wish to keep, those you’re uncertain about, and those that could be given away can prepare you emotionally for this next phase.

Stay Organized

Aiming for a smooth, efficient downsizing experience? Here’s an idea to ensure just that – keep a detailed list of what you’re planning to do with each item, whether it’s earmarked to be kept, sold, donated, or stored. Not only will this help declutter your mind and your current home, but it will also add a sense of order to the process. By categorizing and documenting what goes where you can lessen the load of decision-making on the actual moving day. Plus, these lists serve as a handy reference point throughout your journey, providing a thorough inventory of your possessions. So when the moving day comes, you not only save time and avoid confusion but also greet the day with confidence, knowing you have an accurate record at your fingertips.

Involve Your Family

This a perfect opportunity to involve everyone in your household in the process. By doing so, you’re creating a shared experience, ensuring no important detail is missed, and distributing the workload so it doesn’t all land on your shoulders. You might even find unintentional joy in this, as sorting and packing can spark nostalgic trips down memory lane, allowing cherished family memories to resurface and be shared again.

Handling the shift isn’t entirely about handling things, rather, it’s about arranging your lives anew. Navigate the journey together because, at the end of the day, a home is not just about space—it’s about the people who fill it.

Don’t Forget the Children

Moving to a new place with children can be quite a task. Spending extra time with them, sorting through their books, games, and stuffed animals together, can benefit all of you. Maybe create a game out of it, explain why the move is happening in playful terms, and ignite their excitement about the adventure ahead.

Downsizing isn’t merely about moving to a smaller space; it’s about reshaping your lifestyle to align with your present and future needs better. And in this journey, remember your family and friends are alongside you each step of the way.